Lohans Compete in the 1st Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship

The Lohan School of Shaolin along with their school brothers from the Lohan Group International competed in the 1st Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship held at the Tuscany Hotel on August 29th & 30th. The event was put on by Master Tony Yang and Master Nick Scrima from Florida.

There were 35 Lohans total that participated in the competition… 22 from the LV lohans, 10 from Alberquerque, 1 from Carlsbad, and 2 from Guadalajara. Everyone did an impressive showing that would have made all their Lohan brothers and sisters proud! They walked away with medals in gold, silver and bronze.

The entire competition was held on Saturday, followed by a potluck at the Lohan School… It was a long day and night but the comaraderie and the feeling of being part of a huge brotherhood was all worth it. This will be first of an annual event in Las Vegas. Hopefully more Lohans will be able to make it to the next one!

Roger and Alejandro

(Above) Roger Lim from Las Vegas with his silver medal and Maestro Alejandro from Guadalajara with his gold medal in the sparring division. They both did an excellent job, although they both felt reluctant to beat up each other as school brothers.

Jesse, Donald and Camillo

(Above) Multi medal winners: Jesse DeChavez, Donald Carlisle from LV and Camillo from New Mexico

Group at the School

(Above) Most of the Lohans who participated (some of them had already gone home). The seated middle row are the honored Sifus: Jose Gullien from Guadalajara, Kenny Wang from New Mexico, Steven Baugh from Las Vegas and Steve Peyut from San Diego.

Mario and Sergio, Kenny's Boys

(Above) Mario from NMl looking mighty happy with his good news. Sergio Molina from LV and Sifu Kenny’s boys from NM look pooped.

Buffet at the School

(Above) Lohans enjoying the potluck hosted by Las Vegas students.

Tony Yang and Nick Scrima

(Above) Masters Tony Yang and Nick Scrima, the presenters of this event. They normally put it on in Florida and Ohio, so this was their first attempt in Las Vegas, to try to bring in the West coast and South West schools. They are optimistic of next year.