Lohan School of Shaolin Las Vegas Chinese New Year 2011 Events

Chinese New Year is right around the corner… we are getting bookings already for the Year of the Rabbit… Will be listing the current ones that I have confirmed so far…
Because the first day falls on Thursday, February 3rd and ends on Thursday Feb 17th we will need as many available students as possible to perform and to adjust their schedules if at all possible. Here are the events coming up beginning with January.

Please bear in mind that these are only the current listings… more to come!!!

    • 19th, Wednesday:
      4:00pm “M” Resort-Kung fu/Martial arts only (15 minutes)
    • 29th, Saturday:
      10:00am – Gold Coast Ball Room Lion Dance/Baby Lions included (15 minutes)
    • 3rd, Thursday:
      10:00am Dawson Elementary Lion Dance/Full Demo)
      3:00pm Venetian/Palazzo – Lions/Dragon parade
    • 4th, Friday:
      Venetian Ballroom-8:00PM-Lions/Dragon-“Atmosphere”
    • 5th, Saturday:
      FOLLOWING CASINOS SENIOR TEAM ONLY/w 2 baby lions… Dashi will inform you…
      12noon-Planet Hollywood
      1:00pm – Paris Hotel
      2:00pm – Bally’s
      5:00pm – Harrah’s
      6:00pm – Imperial Palace
      6:30pm – Flamingo
    • 6th, Sunday:
      1:00pm – Rio’s
      5:00pm – Caesar’s Palace
    • 10th, Thursday:
      7:30pm Gold Coast – Lions/Dragon parade (1st time)
      Dinner included in between parades
      10:00pm Gold Coast – Lions/Dragon parade (2nd time)
    • 12th, Saturday:
      Lions/Dragon Parade (3 hotels)
      12:00pm – Treasure Island
      2:00pm – LV Hilton
      4:00pm – Palms Hotel (1st time)
      dinner included between parades
      9:00pm – Palms Hotel (2nd time)
    • 13th, Sunday:
      9:00am to 5:00pm CHINATOWN FESTIVAL ALL DAY/Everyone
    • 19th, Saturday:
      (2 gigs-split team?)
      5:00pm – Anthem Country Club-Lion Dance/Full demo (25 minutes)
      7:00pm – Marriot Resort Summerlin-Lion Dance/Demo (15 minutes)