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The strength in The Lohan School of Shaolin is the close community of staff and instructors, all instructors have a dedication, education and level of proficiency that results in great students, who them selfs may become instructors and can be assured they have been taught by some of the best in the martial arts community world wide.

Sifu Steven Baugh

Kung Fu instructor in Las Vegas

 Sifu Steven Baugh, founder, director, and master instructor of the Lohan School, comes from South Central Los Angeles and is a Native American (Cheyenne) and Mexican Indian (Tarascan). Learning all forms of martial arts became his total focus and dedication due to growing up in a very poor and violent environment. Sifu’s destiny and fortune was to be taught by some of the most famous teachers on the West Coast. Although there were many teachers he studied with and was certified by the following sifus and masters (most of whom left China before the communist takeover), they have become the most influential in his life, in mind, body and spirit. To these great teachers, he and his students of the Lohan Temple owe their sincerest gratitude.


  Billie Ann Sabala
Administrator, TaiChi Instructor, Co-ordinator, Advisor
With the school of Shaolin for 21 years and main contact for school business.

 Bio: Billie Ann Sabala Administrator, TaiChi Instructor, Co-ordinator, Advisor With the school for 21 years

Sifu Raul Baugh

Raul Baugh

Sifu Fa Néng Lance Brazil SFG

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My name is Sifu Lance Brazil, I have studied traditional Chinese Martial Arts since 1999 under Sigung Steven Baugh. I teach and practice Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi Praying Mantis out of Las Vegas, NV. As well a Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) enthusiast. I currently hold a Strong First lvl 1 Kettlebell Certification, W.I.T.S. (world instructor training school) and a Onnit Level 1 certification. Constantly seeking knowledge around me to help my myself and others and fortunate to have great Teachers in my life.

ONNIT Contributor and Fitness Common Wealth Contributor
Also known for my Stunt Actor work in Nightwing the series on YouTube, portraying character Deathstroke: The Terminator. Among other stunt work projects with my stunt team in Las Vegas Arhat Orphan Brotherhood

Twitter: @Ironlohanlance

Facebook Pages: Arhat Orphan Brotherhood, Lohan School of Shaolin, and Iron Lohan Kettlebells

Douglas Cribb

Doug 1

Originally from Madison WI and a Army Veteran with 7 years in service Doug has been an Instructor at  Lohan School of Shaolin for the last 7 years .

Doug teaches : Yang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Hsing I.