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Dr. Kam Yuen
World famous Northern Shaolin and Praying Mantis Kung Fu master. Also known as the fight choreographer for the original “Kung Fu” television series. Dr. Yuen is the master of the very practical fighting form of the Grand Ultimate (Tai Chi) Plum flower Praying Mantis that is taught to many bodyguards of many Asian Presidents and World leaders.


Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong
Legendary master of the Five Family Style (Ng Gar Kuen) of Sil Lum (Shaolin) and the five Animal System of the Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Dragon. Ark Wong is known as the first master to open the “secret” door of Kung Fu to non-Chinese, and the teacher of many famous Kung Fu and martial arts masters around the world.


Master Share K. Lew
Internal Kung Fu and Chi Kung master, Shaman, and Taoist priest from the Golden Dragon Temple in southern China. Brought to America to assist his uncle, the legendary Choy Li Fut Master, Lew Bung. One of the first founders of the Taoist Sanctuary Temple.

Master Hsu Hong Chi
Famous Kung Fu master of the Internal styles of Hsing-I (Mind Form) and Pa Kua (Eight Trigrams) from the Wudan Mountains. Master Hsu was a very influential teacher in the understanding of Chinese thought, culture and philosophies.

Professor Carl Totton
A Taoist priest, a Doctor, and Master of Sil Lum (Shaolin) Kung Fu, Karate, the Internal arts of Tai Chi, Tao Ga, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua. Sifu’s most influential teacher in the understanding of application of the martial arts, spirituality and related philosophies in the real world.

Master Marshall Ho
Master of the Yang Style of Tai Chi Ch’uan and body guard to the famous activist for farm workers in California, Cesar Chavez. Powerful and influential teacher in the concepts and application of Tai Chi Ch’uan and Pa Kua.

Sifu John Lee Price
The top student of Master Hsu, carrying on his tradition of the internal arts, bone setting (Tui na), and Chinese herbal medicine.

Sifu Ken Hui
The leading authority and master of the Northern School of Shaolin, from lineage of Ku Yu Cheong (famous for his Iron Palm and one of the Ten Tigers Of Shaolin).

Sifu Eugene Lau
A master of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and teacher of the traditional and spiritual form of the LION DANCE as taught in the Lohan School. We carry his flag in our parades and lion dances.

Sifu Steven Tang
A master of the Chen (the original family) style of Tai Chi Chuan. Studied with the great Chen family master, Chen Fa Ke.

Master Yu
Famous throughout China as the lineage holder and leader of the Hanmi School of Buddhism. Ordained and transmitted the esoteric teachings of the Vajrayana to Sifu.

Jy Din Shakya
Abbott of the Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud) temple. Transmitted the teachings and ordained Sifu in the Chan (Zen) school of Buddhism.


Northern Shaolin Lineage

Tai Chi Preying Mantis Lineage

Southern Shaolin Lineage

Southern 5 Animals

  • Dragon
    Represents internal strength. The dragon’s movements are soft and circular (similar to Tai Chi). The dragon builds the spirit, and uses it’s whole body to attack or defend.
  • Tiger
    Represents external strength. The tiger’s movements are overpowering and strong. Tiger training builds tendons and bones, and strengthens the spine and neck. Tiger uses it’s weight and mass to attack.
  • Snake
    Represents internal strength and chi. The snake’s movements are soft and coiling. Snake builds the internal energy and chi, and it’s attacks are relaxed releasing chi upon impact.
  • Crane
    Represents both internal and external strength. The crane’s attacks are circular and end with quick exploding power. The crane builds muscles and tendons (flexibility), while developing jing (essential energy).
  • Leopard
    Represents external strength. The leopard’s attacks have loose whipping power. Leopard builds the skin, tendon, muscle, and bone. It’s attacks are more powerful and penetrating.