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Lō·hân: noun – Lohan

1. Those who subdue, or attain victory over foes.

2. Shaolin Monks of many different races and cultures

3. Known for their exceptional fighting and super human abilities

Kung Fu

The term Kung Fu (Cantonese) is a general statement used by Americans to describe the Chinese Martial Arts. Kung Fu of Gung Fu means “Hard Work “so this term can literally be used to describe one’s ability to master any skill through hard work. A Painter, Janitor, waiter, and computer programmer professions can also all be described as Kung Fu if one is proficient at their job.

There are literally thousands of styles of Kung Fu found in the Chinese martial arts

Wushu is generally the correct term to describe the practice of martial arts. Wu meaning Martial and Shu meaning Art, but in America the term never became common unless one practices the modern contemporary art that is coming out of china since past the cultural revolution. So, we use the term Kung Fu to describe the old style of Traditional martial arts, whereas Wushu is usually used to describe Contemporary Wushu which is the modern arts coming out of China currently.

Shaolin describes the roots of our core system which is Northern Shaolin (Bak Sil Lum ). Shao meaning little and Lin meaning forest. At the Lohan School of Shaolin, we Northern Shaolin Long Fist, which was once practiced inside the Honan Temple of Songshan after the collapse of the Ming dynasty moving forward into the Ching Dynasty. Once the Ming Dynasty collapse these arts were spread out amongst the civilians because of the wandering monks needing to seek refuge.

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