Sifu Steven Baugh Found Lohan School of Shaolin


Founder, Director, and Grand Master of the Lohan School, Sifu Steven Baugh comes from South Central Los Angeles and is of Native American and Mexican Indian ancestry. Feeling a strong connection with and learning all forms of martial arts became his total focus and dedication due to growing up in a very poor and violent environment. He began teaching with just a handful of students, when the only place they could practice was on the street in front of his home. After relocating to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, he decided to start his own martial art classes, and in 1994, Lohan School of Shaolin was conceived. From various church halls and dance studios, to Chinatown Plaza’s rooftop and mall, and finally to it’s current location, a 2,500 square foot Martial Arts, Cultural Center and Temple in the heart of Chinatown, it can be said that the Lohan School has come a long way.

The name “Lohan” was chosen, after Bodhidharma in honor of 18 of the 500 monks that were most appreciated by the Chinese to overcome cultural differences when spreading Buddhism to China…they were nomadic healers and warriors and came from diverse ethnic backgrounds that were not necessarily Chinese. In carrying on that tradition, today, there are hundreds of alumni and current students of all ages and ethnic backgrounds practicing traditional Shaolin Martial Arts at the Lohan School.

Although there were many famous teachers from the West Coast that Sifu Baugh has had the good fortune to study with and was certified by, the original lineage of his teachers have become the most influential in his life. To these great Masters, he and his students of the Lohan School owe their sincerest gratitude.