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The World Renowned Lohan Lion Dancers

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IShaolin_monk_2_by_leontynf you have been searching for more out of life, or have always had a curiosity about Eastern Martial Arts such as Kung Fu,Tai Chi,or Chi Kung the Lohan School of Shaolin welcomes you and will guide you through all stages of training to make you a master of your chosen art.With expert teachers who live for their craft  and a lineage that goes back thousands of years you’re getting the true teachings, traditions and techniques that have survived for thousands of years and passed down from Master to student in true Kung Fu tradition.

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Billie Ann Sabala

 Tai Chi Sifu


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Sharpen your skills set, young or old, starting or starting over  The Lohan School of Shaolin offers tuition on all levels, a strong commitment and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Build your strength
  • Build your self esteem
  • Build your confidence
  • Build your Kung Fu family.

Kung Fu master instrctors lohan School of Shaolin Las VegasLearn for the best.

Shaolin artLohan Master instructors train and live Kung Fu , recognized in the martial arts community as highly skilled masters of their art, you’ll learn the skills and the spiritual reason for Kung Fu and it’s history. Listed below  our Classes in:

Kung Fu Classes

  • Young People’s Kung Fu Class (kids)
  • Shaolin Basics All Levels
  • Praying Mantis Class
  • Sword Sparring
  • Sparring Class
  • Over 35 Kung Fu Class’
  • Lion Dance Practice
  • Kettlebell & Strength Conditioning ( Sifu Fa Neng Lance Brazil SFG )

Wudang (Internal Kung Fu) Classes

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Fellow #strongfirst came by to visit. just because your in Vegas, its not all party. you still need to find time for strength and practice. #strengthisaskillwebuild #strengthisakill #friendshipthroughstrength
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Gung Fu Tea ceremony after the book club with Sifu Jc, Grandmaster Steven Baugh @sifudad108 , and Ken Murray.

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Daoist and Buddhist Magic

May 18, 2016, 7:00pm - May 18, 2016, 8:30pm

The ancient traditions of Buddhism and Daoism are full of mystical references to the benefits of practice, but are these just metaphors? Is the "real" goal something inner, or something outer? Are the inner and outer goals connected? Join us this evening for an introduction to the Daoist and Buddhist views of how the world comes into being. We will first explore the Daoist cosmology of all things arising from Wuji and Tao, and then move into the path of manifestation from Shen to Qi to Jing. In the second half of class, we will discover the ancient Buddhist language for this same process, and practical methods for changing both our inner and outer life through these magical means.

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