Chinese New Year Las Vegas HELP LOHANS


Chinese New Year  Las Vegas

Lohans Pay attention : Help Wanted  Needed 

Lohan Lion Dancers Las VegasMessage from Sifu :

Attn Lohans: Past, Present and Future…. Chinese New Year is rapidly approaching and we need help. We desperately need help with the Lions, Dragon and Musicians especially during the parades. Billie has done a excellent job this year booking, We have 2 teams but it’s a lot for them to perform and parade, musicians included.
We also need people to help coordinate. We need people to help and organize car pools especially trucks. Need people to help and contact restaurants for food and discounts (for lunch and after last shows of our busy days.) We need Flag holders, Drum pullers..We also need someone to help with new banners and most important, we’re trying to keep with “the year of the Monkey” theme and we need cosumes for Robin and Deven our B-Boy’s (either sown or thrown together to accent their talent.)
So you, Lohans of the past, step up and help. Me, the School and the Lineage would appreciate it more than you can imagine. Remember “Once a Lohan, Always A Lohan….”

Lohan Lion Dancers Las Vegas


Sifu Steven Bugh.

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