Chinese New Year Las Vegas HELP LOHANS


Chinese New Year  Las Vegas

Lohans Pay attention : Help Wanted  Needed 

Lohan Lion Dancers Las VegasMessage from Sifu :

Attn Lohans: Past, Present and Future…. Chinese New Year is rapidly approaching and we need help. We desperately need help with the Lions, Dragon and Musicians especially during the parades. Billie has done a excellent job this year booking, We have 2 teams but it’s a lot for them to perform and parade, musicians included.
We also need people to help coordinate. We need people to help and organize car pools especially trucks. Need people to help and contact restaurants for food and discounts (for lunch and after last shows of our busy days.) We need Flag holders, Drum pullers… We also need someone to help with new banners and most important, we’re trying to keep with “the Year of the Monkey” theme and we need costumes for Robin and Deven our B-Boy’s (either sewn or thrown together to accent their talent.)
So you, Lohans of the past, step up and help. Me, the School and the Lineage would appreciate it more than you can imagine. Remember “Once a Lohan, Always A Lohan…”

Lohan Lion Dancers Las Vegas


Sifu Steven Baugh

Lohan are comprised very talented and professional individuals. Sifu Lance Brazil 3rd degree, just put together his stunt reel @arhatorphanbrotherhood . Check it out

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IT'S ABOUT TIME! Finally put together a Action Reel. This has been quite the fulfilling journey with many challenges. Glad to have done it with my Lohan brothers and wouldn't have it any other way. Being a part of the Stunt Team ARHAT ORPHAN BROTHERHOOD is a long history with many obstacles that we have all done together. There has been no challenge that we have not conquered and will never be defeated. All the long hours on set and no sleep, filming all night then going to work. Is just a little bit of suffering for a bigger picture of what is created and shared. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't first because of my Sifu Steven Baugh , Raul Baugh. literally they started this lost souls path. All my brothers of the Arhat Orphan Brotherhood - mainly Aaron Ortega, Ezechiel Ortega. This has lead to great opportunities, to where I even got a spread in ONNIT MAGAZINE!. Even have many articles featured on their website. Got a great year of many many projects in post production and many more coming. My Boys Junior Serafin and Mat Ferrer for our Fight chronicles in the works. Team Ismahawk for trusting my work and dedication, Thank you Danny Shepherd, Jeremy Le, Noel Schefflin, Antonio Smith. Also to all my other film maker friends with great content Patrick B. Kerby, Eric R. Velarde, Michael Su, Ben Malto. I am going to keep growing, keep creating, age is just a number. GANBATTE!
If I forgot anything or anyone, let me know. It's hard to find the words sometimes, but actions hopefully speak louder. #stuntman #actor #lasvegasartist #lasvegasactor #lasvegasfilm #instadaily #marth #deathstroke #actionfigures #onnit #fitfam #dc #nightwing #nightwingtheseries #personaltrainer #actionhero #martialartist #kungfu #irishninja #cinematography #actioncamera
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Come join us! For Kung Fu training
Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 6pm

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Goofing off at Lohan working on some Shaolin #5 and tumbling. #kungfu #shaolin #martialarts #gymnastics #tumbling #northernshaolin #kungfu #lasvegaskungfu #kungfulasvegas
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Lohans at World Tai Chi Day last April 2018. Sifu Steve had the honor and pleasure of leading the event to spread world peace through Tai ChiSaturday, 4/28/2018 @Delmar Garden, Las Vegas ... See MoreSee Less

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