The Importance of Forms

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The Importance of Forms Classes

People often ask the Sifu, Dashi Steve Baugh, of the Lohan School of Shaolin, “Why do Kung Fu Schools do forms?” First and most of all, it’s our bloodline to the past and what connects us to our teachers and lineage. Traditional forms in particular have been time proven. There is a reason why they have survived kingdoms, Emperors, Famines, War and most recently the influence of MMA. Traditional forms teach us balance, strength, agility and the application of energy and power. They contain power and spirit from the inside and under with weights, bands, and believe it or not, with any household items. The key is to mentally transform your self in time to find the origin of the form. Forms are the living bibles of Kung Fu schools. The ancestors placed in them the understanding of power and movement, depending on the terrain and the needs of the people, be it for fighting, health and long life. The great things about the forms taught here at the Lohan School of Shaolin is that they can be practiced anytime. They can be done at home, on lunch breaks, at the park and even in small spaces.

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